Parking and Security

Parking and Security


Most places that you want to stop at you'll easily find something to which you can lock your bike. Hopefully it will be a designated cycle space, but if there's not one convenient then consider contacting your local borough ward councillor [1] because increasing cycle use is high on their agenda and it might be possible to add a new parking place. If we don't ask, we don't get :-)



Always lock your bike. Even if you'll only be a couple of minutes.

Surrey Police give plenty of good advice [2]. And if your bike has come from us, we keep a note of the frame number (in case you've lost the sales tag which had it on) and we might still have a photo, so contact us.

The most common type of robust lock is a U-lock (or D-lock) [3] with which you can lock around your seat-tube and rear wheel, and to a bike stand. If you find that too bulky/heavy, then use a lighter type of lock, but do please still use one.


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  1. Wihtin Guildford Borough, find your local councillor at