DVD Wall Mounts

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DVD Mounts are the essential for any Modern Home with a wall mounted TV. DVD Mounts not only are useful mounting DVD Players but Sky Box and PlayStation, Wii etc on the wall. The advantage of DVD Mounts is they save space in the room. With all gadgets with remotes, now DVD Mounts take the hassle away of physically turning them on and off, which can be done from the comfort of the sofa. Many DVD Mounts have cable hiding features for wires. DVD Mounts come in various shapes and sizes and we can proudly say, we have the biggest range in the UK. The Glass DVD Mounts come as Black Glass DVD Mounts, Clear Glass DVD Mounts, Wooden DVD Mounts and are also called Floating Glass Shelves. View our range of DVD Mounts and contact us if you need any help with any of the DVD Mounts