Product Information W-Series DVD Bracket

Answers to some Questions customers have asked.

1) Can this be mounted in the corner

No, sadly this cannot be mounted in the corner as the wood does not have any bolts etc to fix to the 2 walls and the Glass would not allow for corner mounting.

2) Is this High Gloss paint

Yes, this is High Gloss Paint in both Black and White

3) Are the nuts Brass coated or Brass

These are full Solid Brass Nuts and not brass coated

4) Is there an opening for the Cables to pass through behind the wood.

Yes, please see the picture below with the opening sizes in the Glass. The drawing shows straight lines for convenience 

5) Can I get a power socket behind the wood.

There is enough space to have a socket and a flat plug behind the wood, however, it is not recommended because of the danger of Fire.

6) Can I use it for Speakers

Yes, many of our customers have used it for speakers, but, please check the dimensions before ordering