10 Essential Garage Door Safety Tips

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10 Essential Garage Door Safety Tips

10 Essential Garage Door Safety Tips


How Safe are your Garage Doors?

A garage door will probably be the biggest moving object within your home and can therefore pose a real danger to you and your family if it is not used and maintained in the correct manner. However, by reading the below tips and precautions to take, you can rest assured the door will remain safe at all times.


1. Do not leave the remote control lying around for children to get hold of. Ensure it is well out of reach at all times.


2. Do not allow your children to play with the garage door remote without your supervision


3. Ensure you know how to operate the manual release feature so it can be done quickly in the event of an emergency. Details of how to do this will be in your owners manual.


4. Once a month check the overall condition by carrying out a visual inspection. Pay particular attention to any cables and rollers for sign of wear. Should areas require repair, consult your local installer.


5. Test the safety features by placing an object under the path of travel. As soon as the curtain comes into contact with it the sensors should pick up the obstruction, stop the door and auto reverse it to free the object. If this does not happen there is more than likely a fault with the settings that will require further investigation by a qualified fitter.


6. Under no circumstances place your hands or fingers between any sections of the door as serious injury can occur should it start to descend unexpectedly.


7. Try not to leave the garage door slightly open. Once operated again, you cannot be sure the way it will travel (up or down). In addition to this, leaving the door open will also reduce the level of security and will leave your valuables on show for all to see.


8. If the control box features a “vacation mode” be sure to set this should you be away from the property for long periods of time. This feature will disable the use of any remote controls that may be located inside your house.


9. Always opt for a motor and control box that uses rolling code technology as it is far more secure than the old fashioned systems. After every operation, the signal changes it frequency therefore removing the possibility of someone from copying the existing settings.


10. Do not leave your car key or remote control within easy reach of your front door. Thieves have been known to gain access by placing a pole through the letter box and hooking then. Once in their possession, they are free to enter your home and garage and take what they please.


In conclusion, although the majority of the above tips are down to common sense, by ensuring each one is understood and completed you can be sure your home and garage will become a safer place.


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