The Safe Operation of a Garage Door

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The Safe Operation of a Garage Door

The Safe Operation of a Garage Door

It is very easy to take residential garage doors for granted. After all they blend in with the more substantial elements of a building meaning we can overlook the fact that they are the largest and heaviest moving items in most homes. In fact when you consider they are usually a minimum of 7 ft wide and 8ft high they are a substantial object which has the potential for causing damage to people and property unless installed, operated and maintained correctly. 

We would therefore like to make you aware of the dangers of misuse.

Like everything in the home this is the key to keeping safe and to make children especially aware that they are not toys or playthings. Even if there is remote controlled opening and closing mechanism the door must not be used as a source of entertainment or amusement as serious accidents can occur.


Safety Advice 

Never allow children to play with a garage door or the operating system. You can’t stress too much to them that these are not toys. What might seem like an innocent flick of a switch or press of a button can set in motion a chain of events that can soon be out of control. 

Constant misuse can also cause the systems to malfunction. They may be used to operating mobile phones or remote controls for their electronic games but must be taught that garage door remotes are not the same thing at all and have to be treated with great care.

For this reason we suggest you keep remote controls well out of the reach of children at all times and make sure any wall mounted push button controls are high enough from the floor so they can’t be reached by small hands.

Equally they may be excited at seeing doors apparently opening and closing by magic and be tempted to run under them or stand close by, especially when they are opening or closing. You must also point out that they should never  hold on to the garage door as they are moving as this can pull the panel or curtain off the brackets causing injury or damage.


Safe Operation

Always keep the door in view during operating and keep a look out for any adults, children or pets that might appear whilst the curtain is moving. Whilst there are emergency safety features built into most modern garage door designs you can’t be too careful where your family is concerned.

Fingers and hands must be kept away from doors as they are closing on opening. Trapped fingers are extremely painful even when relatively minor injuries occur. Of course, the same applies to keeping feet and heads out of the way.


Service Advice

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your garage door operating safely. Professional advice should always be sought if there appears to be an operating fault or problem with the electrics.

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