Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Within this section of the website we have compiled many of the frequently asked questions we receive from customers. As such if you have a query that needs answering please take a look at the below information or contact us today if you cannot find what you are looking for.



What products are available to buy online?

As one of the leading online UK gate retailers we have hundreds of attractive products available to buy online in a design that will match to your home and garden perfectly. These include a selection of wooden gates and metal gates for sale that will suit front entrances and pedestrian access points along with an equally impressive selection of larger double gates that will help secure the main driveway entrance.

In addition to these gate designs we also have numerous attractive metal fence panels and railings that will create a secure boundary whilst ensuring a harmonious overall appearance.



What materials are available?

The products for sale within this website are constructed from metal or timber (or as is the case with some designs, a mixture of both).

Metal: The majority of designs are manufactured from solid metal frames and round infill bars. Please be aware that the size and weight of the metal used within the construction of each design will vary depending on the style selected as well as the width and height required. As such please refer to the product description of your chosen gate, fence or railing to find the exact specification of the product.


Wood: Our range of wooden gates will add charm and character to any setting. Constructed from slow grown timber taken from sustainable sources, many of the designs for sale feature traditional construction techniques such as mortise and tenon joints to ensure a prolonged lifespan. Please be aware that the exact sizes of timber used to construct our range of wooden gates will be detailed in the relevant product description.



Are the products supplied pre finished?

Metal: With the exception of the Henley, Verona, Warwick and Weston gates, fencing and railings that are supplied in a black powder coated finish for no additional charge all other products for sale on this website will be supplied in a standard black primer finish. As such it is essential they are painted with a minimum of 2 coats of high quality exterior grade paint to prevent rust from appearing on the surface. Please note we recommend you do this prior to installation as this will prove far easier and you will achieve more professional results. Where required we can also offer a factory painted finish therefore removing the need for painting prior to installation. This is an increasingly popular service and as such should you wish to take advantage of this offer please contact us to obtain a price for the particular product you are interested in.

Wooden Gates:  Unless the product description states otherwise, all timber products are supplied in a smooth planed natural finish ready for painting, staining or varnishing to the desired shade or colour.Please note that in order to achieve the best levels of protection against the elements we suggest you apply the finish prior to attaching any hinges or fittings as these areas can become prone to rot if not properly protected.



Are hinges and fittings included?

Metal Gates, Fencing and Railings:  Unless specified otherwise within the product description these products are supplied with a fittings pack as standard. In the case of garden gates this will include the hinges and latch and in the case of driveway gates the relevant drop bolt.

Wooden Gates:  Our range of beautiful timber products are not supplied with any fittings, hinges or latches as standard. These must be purchased separately and will vary according to your chosen gate design. For assistance selecting the right fittings please feel free to contact us for advice or read this useful guide.



What do the sizes refer to?

Metal Gates, Fencing and Railings

All width dimensions stated on this website refer to the size of the opening into which the item will fit. We have already made allowances for the space needed for the hinges and latch. The heights will be listed in 2 ways as detailed below.

Physical Height – This is the total height of the item and does not make any allowance for ground clearance.

Height (once installed) – This refers to the fitted height and already includes an allowance of approx 50mm (2”) for ground clearance. As such the physical height of the item will be approx 50mm shorter than stated.


Wooden Gates

These dimensions refer to the physical width and height of the gate (unless double drive gates then this refers to the width of 2 x leafs measured side by side). 




What is the best way to maintain the products?

In order to retain the gates, fencing or railings in the best possible condition we recommend that in addition to being given a minimum of 2 coats of paint prior to installation all metal products should be applied with a fresh coat of paint every 2 years. To prolong the life span of our range of wooden gates we recommend they be treated with a fresh coat of stain every 12-18 months.



Is it possible to automate the driveway gates?

The simple answer to this is yes they can however in many cases some modification of the standard gates will be required. Please be aware however that at this time we do not supply any electric motors as we feel they are not suitable for DIY installation to many safety issues that often need to be overcome.



Are the products difficult to install on a DIY basis?

All of products for sale on this website are easy to install and therefore suitable for the novice DIY enthusiast.  Here we have detailed the most common installation methods.

Fixing to Existing Brickwork – Where a gate, fence or railing is to be attached to existing brickwork the hinges and latch can be drilled and secured straight to the existing surface of the wall or pillar. When doing so please remember the additional weight will place a strain on the wall therefore prior to installation we suggest you visit the below page.


Fitting to New Posts – Where no existing structure is in place to provide a suitable means of support you will need to use posts. Whilst this requires more effort that simply drilling to the brickwork you can still achieve professional result provided you pay attention to detail and work methodically.


To read more useful information about installing new driveway gates please click here or to find out the process of installing wooden driveway gates visit this page.