How To Install Wooden Driveway Gates

16/10/2013 - How To Install Wooden Driveway Gates

How To Install Wooden Driveway Gates


Although fitting new wooden driveway gates is a relatively simple job to complete, please ensure you take care to ensure they are fitted in a safe and proper manner to ensure future problems do not occur as a result of incorrect installation.

Please note that when fitting new gates and posts, we strongly recommend that you paint or stain all surfaces of timber to ensure a good and even coverage. It is much easier to complete at this stage rather than once the gates are fitted.


Tools Required

  • Shovel (for digging holes)
  • Concrete
  • Power Drill
  • Spirit Level
  • Hammer
  • Various Drill Bits and Screwdriver heads


Digging the Post Holes


1.      In the location where they are to be fitted, mark out the required distance apart the posts need to be set out at. Remember to leave an extra space for opening tolerances. We normally recommend an additional 1 ½” be added.


2.      Dig each post hole approximately 2ft in diameter to a sufficient depth where they will be stable in the ground. As a rule of thumb they should be set into the ground a minimum depth of 2ft however this can vary depending upon ground conditions.


3.      Put the first post into the hole and ensure it is centered. Hold roughly vertical and back fill the approx 2/3rds full with concrete ensuring the post does not move about too much.


4.      Plumb the post to ensure it is perfectly vertical and if required brace in position until the concrete is set.


5.      Repeat the process with the second post ensuring they are the correct distance apart. This time in addition to making sure they are vertical, you will need to ensure they are level across the width of the opening.


6.      Leave the concrete to dry and harden for a few days before attempting to hang the gates off them.


A Selection of Wooden Drive Gates      A Range of Tall Wooden Estate Gates


Installing the Gates


1.      Fit the hinges in the appropriate locations to the back face of the gates. This will differ depending upon the design so if you are unsure always check prior to attaching anything.


2.      Take one of the gates and place it in the opening so the back face and post line up with each other.


3.      At this point you need to make an allowance for ground clearance so set a piece of wood or brick beneath the gate so it sits off the floor.


4.      Using the hinge pins provided, slot the gate hinge over it and mark in position of the back face of the post.


5.      Drill pilot holes for the screws in the desired locations to make screwing up easier.


6.      Attach all hinges on gate to the post ensuring it is fitted level.


7.      Repeat the process with the other side ensuring it sits level with the first.


8.      Attach the drop bolts and close the gates so they line up a with each other.


9.      Drill holes in the ground to enable the drop bolts to slot into it.


10.  Repeat the process with the gates in the open position.


11.  Close them again and position the latch in the desired position and screw in place.


**Please note the above information is intended as a guide only and may vary depending upon ground conditions along with the size and the type wooden gates you are fitting. If you are uncertain in any way as to how to best fit them, please speak feel free to contact us or speak to a local builder.