Selecting the Right Hinges for Wooden Gates

28/11/2013 - Selecting the Right Hinges for Wooden Gates

Selecting the Right Hinges for Wooden Gates


It is important to remember that wooden gates are heavy and as such a large amount of weight will be placed on the hinges once fitted.  As such it is essential the correct style is fitted to ensure they remain trouble free for many years.


Single Wooden Gates

For all but the smallest of single wooden garden gates where the use of T hinges is adequate, it is strongly advisable to use hook and band hinges as they are far stronger than other styles. Available in a range of sizes depending upon the width and height of the gate they are to be fitted to, a hook and band hinge is simple in design and easy to install.

The simple design basically entails a plate with a fixing lug that is welded on and a band of metal with a hoop in one end to allow it to slot over the lug.

With each band portion of the hinge fitted to the back face of the gate in the appropriate position and the corresponding fixing lug secured to the wall in the right position, the gate simply drops into place and will offer a smooth and reliable operation.

When choosing this form of hinge it is important to ensure the posts are as straight and vertical as possible as there is no adjustment which can lead to the gate sitting out of level.

As a solution to this, a range of adjustable hook and band hinges are available that can be fitted in the same manner as the above but allow for the option of being adjusted to ensure the gate is perfectly level within the opening.


Wooden Driveway Gates

Spanning large opening, a pair of wooden drive gates will place a large strain not only on the hinges but also on the supporting posts. As such, prior to fitting you will need to be sure the post is of adequate strength otherwise it may be pulled over or start to bend too much leading to improper operation.

With regards to the hinges, there are two main types available for wooden driveway gates.

  • Hook and Band Hinges
  • Field Gate Hinges


Hook and Band Hinges

These are designed in the same manner as the above mentioned however will be much larger to take account of the added weight.  Again they are available in standard and adjustable styles to suit individual requirements so be sure to consider both as the cost difference is minimal


Field Gate Hinges

Unlike the above style that fixes to the back of the gate, a hinge of this type fits around the vertical style of the gate and extends both sides to gain strength and stability. Please remember that this type of hinge is only suitable for wooden field gates and not standard style drive gates as they are constructed in a different manner.

The drawback to this kind of hinge system is that due to the space required to be fitted, when located between wooden posts, approx 8” of drive through width is lost which can make it difficult to access the drive if your opening is already pretty narrow.



Choosing  the correct size of style of hinge can be a bit confusing to the uninitiated. As such, should you be looking to purchase new gates and hinges, please feel free to contact us on 0844 804 5577 or send us an email with your sizes and we will be pleased to provide you with a quote for the correct ones.