Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide


Where you are unsure of what size to order or need help measuring the opening we strongly advise you read the relevant part of the measuring guide detailed below.



Ordering Metal Gates

Whilst we have hundreds of size and design options available in our range of single and double gates, the process of measuring the opening will always remain the same and for clarification purposes is detailed below.


Measuring the Opening

Installation to Existing Brickwork: Where you plan on fixing one of our metal gates between 2 existing pillars or walls it is easy to establish the ordering size. Simply measure the gap using a tape measure and this will give you your ordering size.


OPENING WIDTH = ORDERING WIDTH (this will never change for this type of installation)



Installation to Existing Metal Posts: Where it has been deemed that the existing metal posts are suitable for hanging one of our gates onto the process of finding out the ordering sizes is the same as detailed above however this time the measurement is take from the inside of post to inside of posts (so basically the gap size between the 2).


DISTANCE BETWEEN POSTS = ORDERING WIDTH (this will not change regardless of design or size of gate required)


Please note that if hinge pins and fittings are welded to the existing posts they will probably need to be removed as we cannot guarantee that these will be located in the same place as the new gate / gates.



No Current Support or Posts in Place: Where nothing is available to support the gates you will need to add metal posts into the equation. To establish the ordering size of the gate simply measure the total space that is available to work with then take away the width of the posts from this measurement to find your ordering size. For more assistance with this type of installation please contact us




  • Single Gate: To end up with a 3ft 6” gap size when combined with 2 x 2" posts, the total space required will be 3ft 10" (width of 2 x posts plus the gate)
  • Double gates: Where a 8ft opening is desired when combined with 2 x 3" posts, the total space required will be 8ft 6” (width of 2 x posts plus the gates).



Ordering Wooden Gates

Before progressing further it is important to be aware that regardless of the size and design of wooden gate you are interested in they are all listed as the physical width and height of the product (or in the case of double gates the overall width of a pair when placed side by side).

Under no circumstances do the measurements refer to the size of the opening they are designed to be fitted in between as no allowance has been made for the space needed for the hinges and latch nor does it allow for the small spacing required between the edge of the gate and the post (often referred to as the opening tolerances).


Measuring the Opening

To find out how to select the right size to suit your requirements select the relevant option below or contact us today for help and advice.

Installation to Existing Wooden Posts:  Where a new wooden gate is to be fitted to existing timber posts it is simple to establish the ordering size by measuring the internal distance between the posts then deducting 20mm (approx ½”) off this measurement for single gates or 40mm (approx 1 ½”) off the measurement for double driveway gates.




Installations that Require New Posts: To find out the physical size of the gate you need it is important to first establish the total overall space that is available. Where the installation is between 2 existing walls follow this simple calculation to ascertain the ordering size.

  1. Measure the gap between the walls
  2. Deduct off the width of the posts
  3. Subtract 20mm off this measurement (for a single gate) or 40mm (for double gates)
  4. The figure that remains will be the PHYSICAL WIDTH OF THE GATE.


Example Sizes

Wooden Driveway Gates

  • Distance between pillars = 12 9 ½”ft
  • Less the width of the posts (4” x 4” wall mounted) = 12ft 1 ½”
  • Less 1 ½” to allow space for the hinges latch and opening tolerances = 12ft


Wooden Garden Gates

  • Distance between pillars = 3ft 6 ½”
  • Less the width of the posts (3” x 3” wall mounted) = 3ft ½”
  • Less ½” to allow space for the hinges latch and opening tolerances = 3ft



Made to Measure Sizes

Once you have established the ordering size of the particular product you are interested in ordering please refer back to the chosen design and select the relevant size from the drop down menu located within the product listing.

If the size shown does not relate to your measurement please be aware that we are able to offer a made to measure service on most of the designs we have for sale so do not hesitate to contact us to obtain a quote.