About Treedene

About Treedene

The history of Daventry, Northamptonshire and all its claims to fame are well documented on the internet, so we won't go into too much detail, this is about Treedene.

Treedene Model Railway takes it's name from a small bungalow located in Daventry and this is the story of our home as we understand.

In the late 1950's early 60's Daventry was an expanding town, developers acquired a plot of land between the A361 and B4036 facing the Daneholme Estate, a small link road would be the dividing line between the newly proposed development and the estate grounds, the locals referred to this as Lovers Lane, maybe it did not have an official title.

The first house was built, strangely enough almost at the bottom of the lane, a small yellow brick detached bungalow, opposite the kissing gate entrance to the fenced estate grounds.

For some reason development stopped for a few years, so this small dwelling nestled near a wood spinney sat all alone and watched the smoke and steam rise through the trees from the L&NWR branch line (Weedon to Leamington).

With no address or number maybe this is why a name was created, well a few years later development started again, but alas a different design, a whole road of semi-detached bungalows, Treedene became the curiously odd little bungalow with the grand title of number 36 Daneholme Avenue.

Over the years different developers came and went, different house designs were built making up an idyllic little estate, the L&NWR branch line closed, now a country park walk but still recognisable as an old railway line, the Daneholme Estate grounds lost it's fencing and become a public park, over the years number 36 with all it's owners must have seen so many changes, if only it could reveal all its past.

In the early 1980's number 36 became our family home, and yes we have changed some things here, but it's still the odd little bungalow which proudly displays it's name Treedene.

With the building of our model railway Treedene can once again witness the steam and smoke, albeit from a model railway in the garden, I wonder what story's are told when nobody's listening, and once a year when the leaves fall, just over the road at the edge of the spinney the old kissing gate frame appears as if to say hello, but that's a secret .

Tim & Tina

Treedene Model Railway