About Us

About Us

At Cannonball Records, we have the knowledge, expertise and connections to help you add to or sell your vinyl record collection. 

Cannonball Records is a supplier of quality records in all genres. Based in the Stoke-on-Trent area.
We run Record Fairs in Stoke-on-Trent, Burton, Shrewsbury and Telford. Established for over fifteen years we have been involved in Radio and press releases including Local and national papers
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Downloading music may be the future but vinyl reigns supreme for the music cognoscenti. And that could mean that your treasured record collection contains some real investment hits.

If you were a punk in the Seventies and have stashed away a copy of the 1977 Sex Pistols record God Save the Queen, it could be worth £8,000. More realistically, a 1995 box set of the albums of Blur, the Britpop favourites, could be worth £70.

But if you have a collection of Bucks Fizz LPs, they are unlikely to be worth a great deal. Tom Fisher of south London's Rat Records said: "For records to be saleable the artists have to have credibility. If people under 23 think the artist is cool – a band such as the Rolling Stones, for example – then they will sell."

Dave Hawkins of Cannonball Records in Stoke-on-Trent added that prices of records by singers from the Fifties and indeed pre-Beatles rock and roll had fallen. "But rock music from the late Sixties and early Seventies is going up in value, so artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and other more obscure bands are a good investment," he said.

"Jazz and classical also have their own sought-after items, with original stereo albums on Decca and HMV commanding high prices." Mr Hawkins is particularly keen on jazz and said original Hank Mobley albums on the Blue Note label sold for "well over four figures". Reggae and northern soul records can sell for big sums too – they were played so much at parties that copies in very good condition are rare.




As a record collector, Cannonball Records prides itself in providing  quality and is very selective about the condition of its vinyl records.

Cannonball Records have over a decade of experience in the record collectors market; we have run many events including fairs in Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Derby, Stafford, Shrewsbury and Telford.
Despite the fact we are based in the heart of Staffordshire, our events are regularly visited by customers as far afield as Japan and Russia.
Vinyl Record Shops
Record fairs and Independent vinyl record shops are not just somewhere to buy music but a meeting place for those with a genuine love for music. 
A normal day at Cannonball Records can see a wide range of customers from all age groups often discussing their shared passion for a genre or particular Jimi Hendrix album.
Cannonball Records aim is to provide a real environment where people can discover great music from across every era and promote the idea that music is something to treasure and not free and disposable. 
For more information Contact Dave 07704 300304