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An affordable leakproof specimen tube pouch for the safe mailing of your specimen samples

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Shipped in boxes of 100, 250 and 500.


Key Features:

User-friendly – seal sealing with a quick tear off opening
Quick to load and seal – with easy to load tube/vials insert slots
Leakproof – self adhesive strong leak proof closures
Absorbent – with a fixed internal absorbent 10ml internal strip
Segregated - when posting multi tubes 
Transparent – clear front panel for viewing specimens
Printed Instructions  on the back – easy to follow diagrammatic instructions
Printed – Biohazard, black text on yellow
Safe – smooth corner edges and no sharp edges
Universal Application – for all tube sizes up to 110mm long & 16mm diameter
Choice of single or multiple 2,3 & 4  tube/vial tear off ShuttlePouches® 
Bespoke Printed - 10,000 minimum order quantity applies

Under development now:idea_image

Tear off ShuttlePouches® on a convenient dispenser roll
95kPa compliant ShuttlePouches®
Rigid UN3373 large letter mail boxes to airmail 95kPa ShuttlePouches®
Rigid UN3373 large letter compartmental envelopes to post out ShuttlePouches®

Welcome to Co-Vertec Limited.  Established in 1992, Co-Vertec is a supplier of products for the safe collection and mailing of Category B Biological Substances and Human and Animal Exempt Specimens. With a focus on costs all our specimen mail packaing is classified by the GPO as a large letter saving you significant costs on postage.We also supply a range printed stock printed labels that can on your request be bespoke printed to your requirements. 


Contact Details: T: +44 (0) 2392 571612,   Fax: +44 (0) 2392 944460,   EM: or  Web: "send us a message"