About P-MATE

During a journey through Indonesia, Dutch born Moon Zijp was confronted with the fact that when she needed to pee she would find herself in a difficult situation. Moon would have to go deeper into the jungle to allow her sufficient privacy to pee as well as having the difficulty of squatting. From these experiences, which most women can relate to, she developed her first p-mate at the Amsterdam Academy of Arts. This devise allowed her and other women to pee while standing upright. 

This idea was cemented in the minds of the Dutch when a Local talk show host, Paul de Leeuw, interviewed Moon and she demonstrated the p-mate live in front of the nation. From that point she was overwhelmed with publicity and interest and opened up her idea to all the women of the Netherlands. 

The p-mate has since been found at major music festival in Holland and also in Canada, Australia and England.



When it is Handy?

  • When there is no toilet available.
  • There is a toilet but it is so dirty you would rather wait then use it.
  • There is no secluded spot/enough privacy to pee.
  • The toilet is more of a hole in the ground.
  • You are pregnant and your finding it difficult to get up and down regularly.
  • You are waiting in line for a cubicle, but will you make it.
  • You’ve made it but after the amount of people who have used it before you, its not the cleanest of places.
  • You have to give a sample for medical reasons and it difficult to fill the small pot.
  • Your work dress makes it difficult to change quickly for a toilet brake.

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