Are you struggling with the Tangles?   Trying to get through your dog's knots and matts is probably the most daunting task that owners face and can become a real problem for both owners and dogs alike if they are not tackled correctly and removed completely.  


If de-matting your dog is not carried out properly and thoroughly, your pet can become extremely uncomfortable and begin to smell as no amount of shampooing can penetrate deep into thick matts.  Knots and matts are also the perfect place for mites and fleas to hide.  Tangles also hold onto grass seeds allowing seeds to germinate into your dog's skin causing real problems which can potentially lead to expensive veterinary treatment. 

I have various products that I personally use which can de-tangle any breed with any amount of knots and tangles and once you have de-matted your dog, these tools make it so much easier to keep it that way.

Just choose from one of the sub-catergories below to view the various de-matting tools or combs available to tackle even the knottiest dog OR continue down the page to view them all!

The main rule to follow with the de-matting tool is "The thicker the coat and the more matts you have to deal with, the wider apart the teeth need to be on the chosen de-matting tool".  

No need to waste money purchasing the wrong tools for your breed, I am here to help so just contact me if you are not sure which one is best! Have a look at the helpful hints and tips page for further information. 

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MIKKI - Matt Breaker with Replacement Blades


A Super De-Matting Tool that easily removes knots and matts. Adjustable head for Left or Right Handed Users


Item Price - £13.49 *

can be shipped within 2 days

ANCOL ERGO - Knot Buster


A Great De-Matting Tool For Any Coat That Matts


can be shipped within 2 days

MIKKI - Matt Master for medium - long coats


A de-matting tool with specially shaped blades designed to remove knots & tangles in longer coated breeds with the minimum of hair loss.


can be shipped within 2 days

ANCOL - Moulting Comb


A Super Comb for all Breeds that Moult and a great Comb to detangle any Breed that doesn't shed their coat too!


can be shipped within 2 days

MIKKI - Dual Combs - Fine, Medium & Coarse Coats


A Double Sided Comb for all Coat Types


Item Price - £6.49 *

can be shipped within 2 days

ANCOL - Stainless Steel Comb


Super Light, Aluminium Backed 7" Flat Comb


Item Price - £4.99 *

can be shipped within 2 days

ANCOL - Double Sided Comb


A Double Sided Comb for All Coat Types. Especially good for Coarse, Thick and Curly Coats


Item Price - £5.49 *

can be shipped within 2 days
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