Deep Water Aquatic Plants

Deep Water Aquatic Plants


Deep water aquatic plants are those which grow on the bottom of the pond or on the deeper shelves, so that they have several inches of water over their crown. Their foliage and flowers either float on the surface like those of a waterlily, or partially emerge from the water. Those with upright stems offer important places for insects such as dragonflies to emerge, while those with floating leaves provide cover and shade for the pond. The deep water aquatics with floating leaves, such as Water Hawthorn or Floating Heart, can be a useful alternative if your pond is not large enough or sunny enough for waterlilies. They also tend to give the pond a more informal look than waterlilies do. 

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Aponogeton distachyos

Product no.: 004

Water Hawthorn.


Aponogeton desertorum

Product no.: 003

Butomus umbellatus

Product no.: 005

Flowering Rush.


Butomus umbellatus Rose-Red Form

Product no.: 006

Flowering Rush, Rose-Red Form ('Rosenrot').


Butomus umbellatus White Form

Product no.: 007

Flowering Rush, White Form ('Schneeweisschen').


Marsilea mutica

Product no.: 185

Floating Four-Leaf Clover.


Nymphoides peltata

Product no.: 230

Fringed Waterlily, Floating Heart.


Orontium aquaticum

Product no.: 240

Golden Club. 


Persicaria amphibia

Product no.: 257

Amphibious bistort