Water Irises

Water Irises


This section contains only those plants which are true water irises. There are many irises (such as Iris siberica varieties, and Iris ensata/Iris kaempferi varieties), which will tolerate moist soil but which will die if placed permanently in a pond. They are therefore not true pond irises and we do not feature them here. 

Planting depths mentioned on these pages refer to the depth of water over the crown of the plant (the depth of water over the soil level). Having less water than this does not matter, as long as the soil is not allowed to dry out. In order to get the best growth and greatest number of flowers, we recommend that you plant your irises in a sunny spot and, if they are in a pot, fertilise them once a yearPlease note that irises are toxic to people and animals if ingested.  

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Iris fulva

Product no.: 068

American Copper Iris.


Iris fulva 'Marvell Gold'

Product no.: 069

Iris laevigata

Product no.: 070

Japanese Water Iris.


Iris laevigata 'Richard Greaney'

Product no.: 090

Iris laevigata 'Snowdrift'

Product no.: 095

Iris laevigata un-named double

Product no.: 120

Iris laevigata 'Variegata'

Product no.: 100

Variegated Japanese Water Iris.


Iris laevigata 'Weymouth Blue'

Product no.: 110

Iris laevigata 'Weymouth Purity'

Product no.: 115

Iris versicolor purple-flowered

Product no.: 145

Iris versicolor 'Rowden Cadenza'

Product no.: 155