About us

About us


LEARS International is the UK Distributor for the Morel range of home audio loudspeakers, now celebrating its 10th year as a Distributor of Technology products.

The Pleasure Home, an associate Company of LEARS International, provides a complimentary AudioVisual and Smart Home Service to supply and future proof the modern Home and Office environment.  It will also provide installation and advice on matching the Morel range of speakers with front end sources such as CD/DVD players and Turntables as well as suitable Amplifiers.

iRemoteControl, an associate Company of LEARS International, has developed a home/office control system running on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices.  It can control the AudioVisual systems throughout the home and office, as well as lights, CCTV and electric blinds & curtains.  Over 250 installations have been deployed to date.

iPad, iPhone Remote Control of the Smart Home or Office: http://www.iRemoteControl.co.uk

Complete AudioVisual & Smart Home Solutions: http://www.ThePleasureHome.co.uk