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The UK's exclusive retailer of Easyyem, ECS Seed and Sjoerd Zwart products. Easyyem-ECS is a family run business which strives to provide the best products for your birds. With over 25 years of experience keeping and breeding  birds we have the knowledge and connections to source the finest products in Europe including Bird Seed  Easyyem Eggfood and Bird Supplements. We combine Easyyem - a German company, and The Europese Cultuurvogel Shop, a Dutch shop and supplier, to the UK market. The products from Easyyem including Eggfood and bird supplements, and those from The Europese Cultuurvogel Shop (ECS), such as Bird Seed Mixes and Straight Seeds for birds, cannot be bought anywhere else in the UK.

The products available on this site can provide many types of birds with vital vitamins, minerals, amino acids and micro-nutrition, plus more. Some are designed to help boost metabolic rates during seasonal times of breeding and moulting, helping to reduce stress and achieve digestive regulation, whilst others can be used on a daily basis helping to achieve wellbeing. These supplements are made by a range of companies including Easyyem, Manitoba, BioVetline, Sjoerd Zwart, and our newest addition, GreenVet. GreenVet is an Italian company, well renowned for its bird supplements including GreenVet GR Micro, ideal for breeding season, and GreenVet Green Tonic designed as a stress relieving tonic.   

We are also delighted to stock a range of seeds from world-renowned Italian brand, Manitoba. Our range of Manitoba Bird Seeds include Manitoba Carduelidi for Goldfinches, Manitoba Parakeets Universal, Manitoba Cardinal and Manitoba Canary. Seeds for Manitoba UK are available in large sacks as well as 5kg containers. 

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Specialist products such as Perle Morbide are also available here. Billed as the revolutionary product of the moment, Perle Morbide replaces the need for germinated seed; in-turn decreasing the risk of germination diseases such as Black Spot, increasing egg laying by up to 20% and increasing growth index. Choose from Perle Morbide Original for most birds or Perle Morbide Bianche, for white birds. For fruit eating birds choose berry replacement, Perle Morbide Fruits suitable for Bullfinches, big Parakeets, Amazon Parrots, Lories, Cockatoos and Africans.