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  "Little River Band" is the first album by the Australian rock group Little River Band which was released by EMI in November 1975. It peaked at No. 12 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart. The band's first single, "Curiosity (Killed the Cat)", was released in September ahead of the album and peaked at No. 15 on the Kent Music Report Singles Chart. The following single, "Emma", appeared in January 1976 and peaked at No. 20. In May, the band released "Everyday of My Life" together with its album, "After Hours".

In September, the group left on their first international tour with support dates to Queen in London; then toured the rest of Europe. Next they toured the US as support to the Average White Band. The third single from Little River Band — a trimmed version of "It's a Long Way There" — was released in November and reached the Australian Top 40. To coincide with the tour, the album was released internationally and reached No. 80 in the United States on the Billboard 200 album chart in 1976. "It's a Long Way There" became the band's first US Top 40 hit. It also charted in Netherlands to reach No. 14. The next single, "I'll Always Call Your Name", also charted in the US but had no chart success in Australia.

Track listing

All tracks are written by Little River Band members as shown.

  1. "It's a Long Way There" (Graeham Goble) – 8:39
  2. "Curiosity (Killed the Cat)" (Beeb Birtles) – 3:40
  3. "Meanwhile ..." (Glen Shorrock) – 3:35
  4. "My Lady & Me" (Goble) – 5:45
  5. "I'll Always Call Your Name" (Birtles) – 4:48
  6. "Emma" (Shorrock) – 3:35
  7. "The Man in Black" (Shorrock) – 5:06
  8. "Statue of Liberty" (Shorrock) – 3:28
  9. "I Know It" (Goble) – 3:21



Cover of the original Australian version of the album Little River Band. Clockwise, from left: Beeb Birtles, Glenn Shorrock, Graeham Goble, Derek Pellicci, Ric Formosa, Roger McLachlan.

Little River Band members

  • Beeb Birtles – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars (acoustic, electric)
  • Ric Formosa – guitars (lead, acoustic, slide)
  • Graeham Goble – lead vocals, backing vocals, guitars (acoustic, electric), vocal arrangements
  • Roger McLachlan – bass guitar
  • Derek Pellicci – drums, percussion
  • Glenn Shorrock – lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion, harmonica

Additional musicians

  • Stephen Cooney – clavinet (track 2), mandolin (track 9)
  • Gary Hyde – percussion
  • Peter Jones – strings (arrangement, conductor), piano (tracks 1–5, 7–9)
  • Col Laughnan – saxophone (track 8)
  • Ian Mason – piano (track 6)

Production details

  • Engineering – Ross Cockle (recording and remix), Mark Opitz (mastering)
  • Producer – Birtles, Shorrock, Glenn Wheatley, Goble
  • Studio – Armstrong's studios, Melbourne




Year Chart Position
1975 Kent Music Report (Australia) Albums 12
1976 Billboard (United States) Pop Albums 80



Year Single Chart Position
1975 "Curiosity (Killed the Cat)" Kent Music Report (Australia) Singles 15
"Emma" 20
1976 "It's a Long Way There" 35
GfK (Netherlands) Top 40 Singles 14
Billboard (United States) Hot 100 Singles 28
"I'll Always Call Your Name"





Little River Band - Little River Band

Australian Harvest ST 11512 (1975)

Album produced by Glen Wheatley

The vinyl record attains a strong excellent grading.

Audio quality is very clear and strong throughout.

Both record centre labels are clean and unmarked.

The album cover is in excellent condition, displaying only minimal signs of wear.

The original inner sleeve is excellently presented.

The album cover has a strong, undamaged spine, displaying very clear, printed script.

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