The Prodigy - The Day Is My Enemy

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  "The Day Is My Ememy" is the sixth studio album by the British electronic music group The Prodigy, released on 30th March 2015. Recorded across a timespan of six years, the album marks the first time that band members Maxim and Keith Flint have been actively involved in the songwriting process. The album title is a reference to the Cole Porter song "All Through the Night", in particular its lyrics "the day is my enemy, the night my friend", although it is the Ella Fitzgerald version that first inspired the track.

The first known existance of new material from The Prodogy came in 2011 when the band debuted new tracks at their live performances. The first two of these tracks were "A.W.O.L." and "Dogbite", with 2012 yeilding a new track called "Jetfighter". Liam Howlett had reaffirmed that the new album would be darker in contrast to their previous releases. On May 3rd 2012, the tentative album title was revealed as "How to Steal A Jetfighter". On 2nd July 2014, The Prodigy announced that the album was to be re-introduced with a brand new name. The second working title of the album was "Rebel Radio" until it underwent another change. Howlett explained that this was because he had a hard time imagining it working as an album title, and instead settled on making that the title of one of the album tracks.

Howlett found that "violent is the word that keeps on coming up" when describing the album. The entire recording process took almost six years taking in a number of studios and a few restarts to establish that "angry, energetic sound". Unlike previous efforts "The Day Is My Ememy" became a band-album where Flint and Maxim worked in tandem with Howlett.

In contrast to their two previous albums, initial critical response to "The Day Is My Ememy" has overall been positive. Kerrang! awarded the album their highest rating, describing it as "simultaneously galvanised by both a thrilling creative resurgence and the social unrest that comes when people are cocooned by a culture of fear", and called it "the most exciting and angrily British album of the year. NME thought of the tracks as being written mainly for live performances, but nonetheless cited it as "the strongest and most confident Prodigy album since "The Fat of the Land". Consequence of sound cited "Beyond the Deathray" as the highlight of the album, stating that it "epitomizes this new band-focused approach, and it's probably the most beautiful track in The Prodigy's discography". "The Day Is My Enemy" debuted at #1 in the UK albums chart, making it the band's sixth consecutive record to have reached the top of the UK charts.

The Prodigy - The Day Is My Ememy

EU Take Me to the Hospital - Cooking Vinyl (Double album).

Album produced by Liam Howlett, Flux Pavillion, Neil McLellen, KillSonic and Zak H Laycock.

The 2 x 180 gram vinyl records and their packaging are new, and have never been played, so therefore graded as Mint.

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