Sewing patterns

Sewing Patterns

I strongly believe that everyone can enjoy stitching their own treasured creations and all my patterns are designed for both beginners and advanced alike.   Full instructions include alternatives suggestions that should suit all levels of ability x

 Downloadable patterns in pdf format also available here ...  from £4.99



Bear and Rabbits Sewing Patterns

Bears soft toy sewing patterns

All our bear and rabbit patterns in their printed versions.

Elephants and Mice patterns

Elephant and Mice sewing patterns

 Elephants and mice - I've put them together as they share large ears !  

Dogs and cat patterns

Cats and Dogs sewing patterns

Some playful patterns here featuring all our dogs and cats for you to stitch

Lions and the wild ones

wild animal sewing patterns

The really wild characters  : )   Our patterns featuring Lions, giraffe, monkeys  ...

Slightly Wild Animals

Almost wild animal sewing patterns

Here you'l find the "almost" wild animal patterns we have waiting for you:

fox, horse, hedghog and others

Seasonal sewing patterns and Gifts

seasonal sewing patterns

Easter, Christmas, Spring, winter, summer hols. Handy bags and storage - take a peek here

Fantasy Fun Patterns

Fun and fantasy sewing patterns

Gorgeous fantasy creatures to stitch, from dragons and unicorns to knights and their horse

Dolls sewing patterns

Fabric doll sewing patterns

Cloth felt and fabric doll patterns

pattern bundles


Bundled sewing pattern packs in two's and three's

Discounted price

birds and fish patterns

birds and fish patterns

Fish and bird soft toy sewing patterns


Patterns for beginners

Starting out patterns

I've selected some fun, but easy to sew patterns that are suitable for everyone, beginners especially.    Hope you like them - don't forget I'm just an email away if you need that little bit of help