Terms and Conditions



Terms of service

All goods / services outlined in company quotations / estimates are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. Any additional goods/service required not listed may be at an additional cost. Materials warranties are 12 months and provided by manufacturer unless stated otherwise. All materials remain the property of ‘ANSA property maintenance north west ltd’ until payment is received in full. Late payments may be subject to interest.



Your privacy is our priority. We will never pass your details to a third party company for the purpose of marketing. In the event that a third party company contact any of our clients and it is not for the purpose of the works requested. We advise that you contact us immediately and we will investigate.

During periods of high demand we may on occasion use approved third party contractors. All contractors are vetted for insurance and any legal requirements (i.e equipment calibration, qualifications).

To successfully complete works to which a client has requested we may on occasion pass contact details on to a third party company. Any details passed to a third party company should not be used for marketing purposes.


All payments are processed by PayPal and / or Square. We will never store / record any payment details. All payment details passed to us will be entered into a third party payment terminal and permanently deleted after payment. We will never ask for a password or pin number. Should a pin or password be requested we advise you to terminate the communication immediately and contact your bank.

Cancellation Policy

All customers have the right to cancel any works outlined in the estimate / quotation provided prior to or during works.

Any labour costs quoted with the exemption of:

  1. Labour that has already been applied. Including investigation, diagnostic, emergency call out

 will not be chargeable.


Any materials with the exemption of:

  1. materials that have already been purchased
  2. materials that have been installed
  3. Deposits that have been taken for materials

will not be chargeable.

In the event that a cancellation be requested after the acceptance of a quotation. An administration fee of £45.00 will be applied. This fee will be required within seven days of a cancellation request. This fee will be subject to late payment interest. This fee will be additional to any fees already occurred as described in the previous paragraphs.

By accepting a quote you are agreeing to the terms outlined in this documentation. Should these terms not be adhered to we hold the right to cancel any work with immediate effect. Any breaches of the terms described will be followed up and pursued legally.