Special Forces Escape & Evasion/Survival Kit Container

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Special Forces Escape & Evasion/Survival Kit Container. Military version issued to Tier 1 Special Forces and certain government agency personnel.  Made from black hard anodised aluminium - four times lighter than stainless steel and half the weight of titanium. Suitable for use as a ruggedised equipment container, a cooking pot, a drinking cup and for purifying water by boiling. It is also strong enough to be used as a digging implement for earth and ice. It's smaller but slightly thicker than a standard tobacco tin so it can hold items such as the Matches Waterproof Safety MK 2 tube that won't fit in a tobacco tin. It will hold a standard sized pack of cigarettes. It is more practical as a cooking pot and cup compared to a standard tobacco tin - and it doesn't rust. The container lid is secured using two Velcro straps. A gasket prevents ingress of dirt and moisture. Fixed inside the lid is a High-Intensity Silver Retro-Reflective Reflexite panel for use as a signalling and location aid. Made in the United States by the original government supplier.

Typical contents (not included) would be a mini multi-tool, a compass, a water bag and water purification tablets, heliograph, matches, Kevlar cord, an LED light, fishing kit, repair kit, medication and specialist Escape & Evasion and location aids.

Outer dimensions approximately 4 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches.

Weight approximately 90g.

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