Francis Barker M-88 Military Prismatic Compass Mils Olive Drab

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Francis Barker M-88 Lightweight Prismatic Compass. Olive Drab. Graduated in mils (0-6400) and degrees (0-360). NATO Stock No. 6605-99-225-8550. The M-88 Liquid Prismatic Compass is built to the same exacting standards as the M-73, but is made largely from aluminium alloy making it very lightweight. It is designed for day and night use, with five self-luminous Tritium light sources enabling full night-time operation. The prism sighting system is accurate to one half of a degree (9 mils). The dial assembly is mounted in a liquid filled sealed capsule designed to allow the full servicing of the compass to sub-assembly level. Extensive environmental testing and rigorous quality control measures ensure that the M-88 can operate with precision in the most difficult climatic conditions. Both mils and degrees scales are shown through the prism sighting system, so either unit can be used. The rotating bezel is calibrated in mils. The M-88 is in military service worldwide, including specialist British Army units. Used for high accuracy map to ground and ground to map work, day and night. Examples of use: fire missions, intelligence gathering, mountaineering, surveying. Olive Green lanyard cord included. Made in the United Kingdom. New.



Size: 85 x 60 x 34mm

Weight: 125g

Operating Temperature: -20ºC to +55ºC

Construction: MILSPEC lightweight and rugged aluminium alloy

Pivot: Precision sapphire jewel bearing

Liquid: Purified kerosene for rapid sighting

Graduation: Mils (0-6400)

Night Illumination: 5 tritium lights

Sighting System: Prism with one half of a degree accuracy (9 mils)

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