1980s British Special Forces Escape & Evasion/Survival Kit

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Rare early 1980s British Special Forces/Airborne Forces Escape & Evasion Kit A3 8465-99-135-5593 - complete. Made in England. Issued to behind enemy lines land forces. Comprises:

1 - Wallet - A3 8465-99-456-1350

1 - Compass - A3 6605-99-127-9239

1 - Glass, Burning - A3 8465-99-456-1347

1 - Kit, Fishing - A3 4220-99-138-8693

1 - Saw - A3 8465-99-127-9240

1 - Wire Cutting (Commando Wire Saw) - A3 5110-99-456-2156

1 - Wire Snare - A3 8465-99-456-1354

New old stock – stored since the early 1980s. Limited stock available from the same batch as per the photograph. All items are unused and serviceable. The brass escape compass has red paint and two luminous markers indicating north, and one luminous marker indicating south. It is fully functioning and the luminous paint still works when exposed to light. The escape saw is the early double sided version with a lanyard hole and has some surface oxidation which could be removed.

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