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Penrith Survival Equipment/Survival Aids Ltd. Survival Aide-Memoire. New old stock original printing. First produced by Survival Aids Ltd, Morland, Penrith in the early 1980s and subsequently by Penrith Survival Equipment until its closure in 2015. Black and white text and illustrations. High quality double sided printing on fold out paper sheet (not earlier waterproof plastic sheet version). Printed in England. These aide-memoires were used in survival kits and escape and evasion kits and available individually from the early 1980s till Penrith Survival Equipment’s closure in 2015. Covers: Immediate Actions, Protection & Fire, Signalling, Water Sources & Purification, Trapping & Fishing, Edible Wild Plants & Fungi, Day & Night Navigation, Movement, Emergency Ground to Air Signals, Morse Code, Sea Survival, Desert Survival, Jungle Survival, Arctic Survival, Blank Lined Notes Section. Measures approximately 5.5 x 15.5 inches when open and 5.5 x 4 inches when folded (can be folded in half to fit inside a standard 2oz sized tin). One of the best survival aide-memoires produced, in use in professional and military survival kits for over 35 years. Obtained direct from Penrith Survival Equipment before their closure in 2015.

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