About us

About us




Pawpaw Essentials is a specialist retail provider of pawpaw ointments.  Pawpaw ointments are popular and well loved in Australia!  We are a family run business in the UK, and we are passionate about creating a service providing pawpaw products quickly and reliably in the UK and Europe.  We import our products directly from Australia.


Pawpaw and Papaya

Papaya and  Pawpaw come from the same species Carica papaya.  Papaya and Pawpaw look and

taste quite different.  The Papaya is a red-fleshed sweeter fruit and the yellow-fleshed fruit is called pawpaw.  Papaya and pawpaw are known for a number of health benefits for the digestive system, general health and for skin when applied.  Papaya and pawpaw are used to help promote healthy and glowing skin.


Manuka Honey

Leptospermum scoparium commonly known as manuka is cultivated in New Zealand for manuka honey, produced when honeybees gather the nector from its flowers.  The nutrients, vitamins, amino acids and minerals in Active Manuka Honey give it special properties.  The bioactivity of Manuka Honey is referred to as the uniqueds Manuka factor (UMF).  It works as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and enhancees the skin's renewal process.  It also stimulates wound healing (Antibacterial wound gel).