WIZ Leather Knee Sliders



The Leather Slider is where it all started. I still have a soft spot for them and popularity is growing again as people rediscover them.

WIZ leather knee sliders give a totally different feel to plastic, they sccccrrrrrusshshshshshshs along the surface, especially on the race track.

They offer loads of feel and feedback. The initiated have been known to refer to this as being 'grippy' pah!  Just lift your knee a bit and let them gently hush along.

I love them..... others hate them.  If you a get a chance, try them and make your own mind up.


All WIZ Leather Knee Sliders are sold and supplied as a pair (2 Knee sliders).  

FREE UK DELIVERY!  For overseas delivery please click on 'Delivery Terms'  at the bottom of the page for shipping costs and exclusions.

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