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Congratulation To Tom Smith From Urmston Trafford


“I passed my practical driving test with zero faults thanks to Graham my driving instructor. I have already recommended Driving Lessons 4 You Urmston Trafford School to my friends.” Graham is an excellent instructor and he made learning to drive easy.”

Driving Lessons Urmston Trafford


All The Best To Natasha Doolan From Urmston Trafford


“I have had a very good learning experience with Driving lessons 4 You Urmston Trafford School and would definitely recommend them and Graham my instructor.” 

Driving Lessons Urmston Trafford


Well Done To Duane Cook from Brooklands Manchester


“Thanks to Nigel for helping me pass my practical driving test 1st time. I would highly recommend Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester driving School and Nigel. He made me feel really comfortable during my lessons. This made learning easier than expected and more relaxing.”

Driving Lessons Brooklands Manchester


Well Done To Aaose Fattah From West Didsbury Manchester


“I found Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester on the internet. My instructor Yas was very patient and I appreciate the time he has spent with me. He is very friendly but also professional. His teaching methods are very efficient.”

Driving Lessons East Didsbury Manchester


Well Done To Dominic McGaw From Burnage Manchester


“I chose Driving Lessons 4 You Burnage Manchester for my lessons because of the great online offers. Learning to drive was more challenging than I first thought it would be. My instructor Graham gave me useful tips which helped me master manoeuvres. He was friendly and helpful.”

Driving Lessons Burnage Manchester


Congratulations to Linzi Alexander From Urmston Manchester


“I would recommend Driving Lessons 4 You Urmston Manchester to other people. My instructor Graham made learning to drive easier than I expected it to be. His teaching methods were excellent and he was always patient and reliable.”

Driving Lessons Urmston Trafford


Congratulations to Sidra Ghaus from Levenshulme Manchester 


“Thanks Yas for being a very good instructor and showing a lot patience with me. I would recommend Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester because they helped me pass my test.”

Driving Lessons levenshulme Manchester


Mason Speed From Hyde Manchester


“My instructor Yas was great. He was always on time and we got along well. He was also understanding of fitting my lessons around child care. Driving Lessons 4 you Manchester are very affordable and I would recommend them.”

Driving Lessons Hyde Manchester


Congratulations To Mike Sullivan From Longsight Manchester


“I never felt stressed or upset during my lessons. If I made a mistake my instructor Yas just gave me constructive advice and he had a good sense of humour, which helps.  I found learning to drive faster than expected. A friend had already used Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester and recommended them to me. I feel I have been helped a lot by Yas and as a result passed 1st time.”

Driving Lessons Longsight Manchester


Tonu Olmet From Manchester


“My instructor Yas had very good teaching techniques. He is also very friendly but at the same time always professional and reliable. I feel I learned to drive quickly with Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester although it was harder than expected. I would definitely recommend Driving Lessons 4 You to other people.”

Driving Lessons Manchester


Samantha Fisher From Brooklands Manchester


"Driving lessons 4 You Manchester was recommended to me. I also picked them because of the price of their Driving Lessons. Although there was a lot more to learn than I expected my Driving Instructor explained things well, I believe I was taught to drive well".

Driving lessons Brooklands Manchester


Ben Boyne From Brooklands Manchester


“I chose Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester, because 2 family members passed first time whit them. The teaching methods were awesome and easy to understand. I passed first time so their teaching methods must be good. I would recommend them.”

Driving Lessons Brooklands Manchester


Elaine Luck from Manchester











"After doing a Google search I found Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester. They were the best value for money and good online feedback". "I didn't think I would be able to drive and was nervous". Hannah Black put me at ease and was very professional" I would recommend Driving Lessons 4 You because they are excellent value for money.”

Driving Lessons Manchester


Driving Lessons Brooklands Manchester













“Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester was my chosen Driving School because of their good reputation. I would be happy to recommend them to other people. My Driving Instructor Hannah was good.”

Driving Lessons Brooklands Manchester


Scott From Irlam Manchester













“I choose to learn with driving Lessons 4 You Manchester, when I saw they covered Salford.

Although sometimes I found learning to drive stressful my Driving Instructor from Irlam Manchester , was reassuring and made my Practical  Driving Lessons informative and practical.

I would score Apollo Driving School Manchester 10 out 10 and would recommend Mark as a top notch Driving Instructor.”

Driving Lessons Irlam Manchester


Rebecca from Irlam Manchester













“A friend recommended I use Driving Lessons 4 You l Manchester to teach me to drive.I was very impressed with my driving instructors teaching method, he was very patient and made learning to drive easier than I expected. I would recommend Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester to others.”

Driving Lesson Irlam Manchester


Paula From Eccles Manchester


"After reading good reviews I decided to use Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester for my Driving Lessons. My Driving Instructor from Irlam, gave clear and simple to understand instruction". "I would recommend Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester as I had a very good outcome from my Driving Lessons.”

Driving Lessons Eccles Manchester


Miriam From Eccles Manchester













Well done to Miriam from Eccles Manchester and her Driving Instructor from Irlam Manchester on helping her to pass her Driving Test 1st time.

Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester would like to wish her all the best for the future with her Driving.

Driving Lessons Eccles Mnachester


Liam From Eccles Manchester













Congratulation to Liam of Eccles who passed his practical driving test on the 28st January at his 1st attempt with just 3 minors Best Wishes form you’re Driving Instructor and all the team at Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester.

Driving Lessons Eccles Manchester


Hanna From Cadishead Manchester













Driving Lessons 4 You Manchester, would like to congratulate Hanna from Cadishead Manchester, who passed her Driving Test with no minors.

Driving Lessons Cadishead Manchester