CARNICEROS DEL NORTE, LOS - Parálisis Permanente 'Tributo' EP 10" + P/S (NEW) (P)

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Translating to BUTCHERS OF THE NORTH, this release was first released in Mexico by the label Bambam and distributed in Spain, it shows on the cover a caricature of the bust of Eduardo Benavente and the devotion to the figure of the disappeared artist. Delivery that they have never hidden and that took them a few years before to offer their particular version of "Un día en Texas" for the tribute album "Havoc of a Permanent Paralysis" (Zorch Factory, 2009) released in Chile. The commitment to that work by the group and neighboring projects was total, as evidenced by the signing of Txarly Usher and Naughty Zombies in two other songs included in the compilation.

Los Carniceros del Norte are extremely respectful of the original versions, perfectly recognizable and interpreted without major shocks.

The Basques would have the opportunity to play one of them with Ana Curra herself on the stage of the Madrid venue WeRock on the tour they performed with Kante Pinrélico and Ejaculation Postmortem.



A2-El Acto-

A3-Un Día En Texas-



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