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Well here it is, the wait is over and we can now reveal the ELEVENTH Picture Disc in this very collectable '79 Classic Mod series.


The Meanies were one of those bands that were around in the late 70s and released one single on the highly collectable 'Vendetta' label along with label mates 'Seventeen' (Pre The Alarm) and then with a blink of an eye they had gone.

Hailing from the Bracknell area in Berkshire they sadly had a short life span, but they did regularly gig locally and left us with one of the most collectable rarities from that golden era. Original copies now demand a hefty three figure sum and hardly ever surface anymore. Nobu from 1977 Records in Japan did a cracking reissue back in 2010 and filled the void for the collectors for a while but even that pressing is now getting rare and the prices have shot up!

Detour Records have been trying to track down members of this band since the 90s but all the leads went nowhere. Then fast forward twenty years and after doing more research and from reading a post on the excellent "My Life's A Jigsaw" blog we went on a mission to track this elusive band down.

Well we did it and here for a very short time we can offer you a full colour PICTURE DISC of just 300 Copies and to make this re-issue a bit special we have included a BONUS track of a unreleased song dating back to 1979 that has not ever been heard outside of the band!



Waiting For You

It's True

I Just Don't Know What To Do Anymore


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