KILLERMETERS, THE - The Last Great Act Of Defiance - Official Bootleg (Black Vinyl) LP (NEW)

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The Beginning! Gel and Karl have known each other since the last part of 1978, two young idealists that didn`t really belong to the norm. Basically both were fascinated and immensed by the Mod culture, like they still are now. Little did they know that in the next few months the Mod Revival (as it was to be called) was to explode with a vengence. Gel, with Karl as his right hand man have been promoting and putting on gigs seriously since 2009 with Long Tall Shorty as the first. In the next few years they also hosted, Small World (twice), The Universal (twice), The Loop, The Scene, DC Fontana, Tommy Aitkins, Time Bomb, Suspiscions & Distant Echo, amongst many others. To make a long story short, 2014 was going to be their 50th year on this planet so Gel suggested they hold something special to remember it by and Gel managed to book Squire and yes, The Killlermeters to play at their 50th birthday bash in Crawley.

The Build Up! After a few frantic months of planning, the date of the gig finally arrived, the date was Saturday 25th October 2014. It was a sell out so they had to arrange for extra tickets to be sold, these sold out as well, leaving only a handful of tickets on the door for emergency arrivals. As with all promoters, Gel and Karl felt nervous, as were all connected with "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club". Thankfully they had nothing to be nervous about.

The Gig! With almost 300 souls packing out the venue there was no need to be nervous. People came from all parts of the UK, including up North, Bristol, Colchester, Brighton, London and the outskirts, the West, the East and the South. Even people from Guernsey, Denmark, France and the USA made the trip. The anticipation was electric and when The Killermeters got on stage no one was dissappointed. For some reason every band that comes to play in Crawley seem to give a little bit more than usual, this was the same with The Killermeters who gave an amazing performance which still keeps our hair on end thinking about it. The Killermeters that night were and still are the 2 original members Vic "Vespa" Szczesnowicz and Mick Moore with long time members Aussie Martin and Steve Dutton. You made everyone proud that night and made yourselfs even prouder. The perfomance is still talked about today, and there are many reasons behind that.

The Idea! After Karl was absent without leave for a few years, christmas 2018 saw Gel and Karl get in contact again. After a few days, Gel asked Karl if he still had the recording of The Killermeters gig. Karl did and after hearing it again both agreed that it was so good that it should be put released on vinyl for all to hear. Could this be done? After a few discussions back and forth it was finally decided to contact long time friend and associate Dizzy from Detour Records, who else! Dizzy seemed interested and after Dizzy heard the rough edit, it was then sent to Vic and the rest of The Killermeters. They felt positive as well so the "Twisted Wheels" were set in motion.

The Edit! The track list was a nightmare, but in a good way. The gig was loaded with great songs from The Killermeters, in which all could of been included on the LP, but because of limited space the headache of tracks to be included on the LP was giving to Karl. After many days of soul searching the following tracks that are included on the LP were decided on. The track list was sent to Gel and he agreed with the selection, so it was now left to Karl to edit and cut the gig. This took a while and after a few hectic days, it was finished. The final edit (so we thought) was sent to Dizzy of Detour Records, but sadly it was a few minutes too long. After another hectic few days of careful editing and cutting, Karl finally got inside the time limit without loosing any more tracks or any of the atmosphere. Dizzy then sent the final edit to his sound engineer James. James sent a message to Dizzy stating that the sound wasn`t the best. Dizzy then got Karl & James working together and between them they mangaged to improve the original sound ready for the pressing plant. Unfortunately for Karl the original improved sound files had to be edited and cut again. After yet another hectic and stressed weekend Karl finally finished the re re re edit and the final product (again) was finalised, with Gel, Dizzy and James all agreeing that it was ready for the test pressing stage. Relief!

The Killermeters Now! Way back in 1977 The Killer Meters (as they were known then) from Huddersfield started life as a punk band. In 1978 they broke up only to be reformed as The Killermeters, Mod styled. They looked right, they sounded right and Mods took to the band straight away, and as they say the rest is history. The Killermeters are still touring and recording more than ever. In 2017 the The Killermeters released their first studio vinyl LP, the self titled The Killermeters, which we strongly recommend, that`s if you can find a copy. With the addition of Claire Helm on backing vocals, The Killermeters who still consist of Vic "Vespa" Szczesnowicz, Mick Moore, Aussie Martin and Steve Dutton have a very solid line up and are not to be missed live. In the past 40 years or so The Killermeters have evolved into a band memories are made of, and some of these memories, old and new, can be heard on the new Limited Edition Live LP to be released on Detour Records, on 12" vinyl obviously!

Official Record Release! Not to be missed! As a extra bonus The Killermeters will be playing live at the Official Record Release supported by local band Shamefaced. This will be Saturday 12th September 2020 in Crawley, West Sussex. Yes, the same venue where the live LP was recorded. This will be in conjunction with Dizzy of Detour Records, The Killermeters and "The Last Great Act Of Defiance Scooter Club". We hope to see as many of you there as possible for this very special event. More details about the event will follow in the near future.

(Karl & Gel)



Can't Help It

Why Should It Happen To Me

Don't Tell Baby

Midnight Breakfast Show

Cardiac Arrest


Walking Away

Love On The Rebound

Twisted Wheel

The Kids Are Alright

Last Throw Of The Dice

Open My Eyes


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