V/A - Goodbye Victory Road : Act 2 CD (NEW) (M)

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Vinyl look factory CD in a gatefold sleeve with full 16 page lyrics booklet.


On this 23 song album, Billy James is released from prison...... but where have the Victory Road mods all gone ?

Goodbye Victory Road act 2 is set in the 1980’s and follows the ups and downs of Billy’s life. Professional boxer, painter and decorator….. and nightclub bouncer. Now best mates with a local villain…… and his snide brother still rubbing him up the wrong way.

Goodbye Victory Road are a group of mod, indie and garage punk musicians recording in deepest Medway.

Mark Sargeant (Scootering Magazine) described part one of Goodbye Victory Road  as “a captivating project” whilst  John Hellier (Whapping Wharf) called it “a piece of genius”.

This is an independent release limited to a press of 200 copies


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Click On The Image To Hear The Track


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