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DETOUR RECORDS are immensely proud in bringing you the much anticipated third release on this newly formed label. There has been much talk about this release and NOW you can pre order it. Don't hang about as the first release on this label sold out within TEN days of going on sale.



Last Bastion Records ‘Making Music Matter’...

CON FUNK SHUN ‘MOVE ON UP’ / JAY CEE ‘I’VE BEEN THINKING’ (LB03) Two contrasting, previously unreleased sides, Ltd to 300 (no repress) with picture sleeve

The A side is exclusively licenced from Con Funk Shun, a previously unreleased recording. (The only other release was an album length version on Con Funk Shuns’ 2015 ‘More than love’ cd).

Con Funk Shun signed to Mercury Records in 1976 and almost instantly became one of the most successful and prolific North American Soul n Funk artists of that generation. Today their US hits also feature in charts worldwide via countless rap/hip-hop samples drawing in a whole new generation. With sellout live performances (featuring original members, co founder Michael Cooper, Felton Pilate and Rev. Karl Fuller) and recent recordings including the highly acclaimed ‘More than love’ cd release, their popularity continues today. A 32 track greatest hits compilation, ‘Con Funk Shun - Con-funkshunizeya (The Mercury Anthology)’ was released in 2020. Con Funk Shun's music is also soundtracks of films including ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’, ‘Next Friday’, and ‘American Pimp’, which was featured at the 1999 Sundance Film Festival. Against that background, Andy Bellwood of Last Bastion Records explains “with 11 chart albums (one Platinum, four Gold) and 20 hit singles (eight top 10 RnB chart, one No.1) in the US, it’s still hard for me to comprehend that the 3rd release on Last Bastion Records is from these soul & funk legends. David & Goliath comes to mind, after all it’s a small indie label which only came into existence last year and operates out of a converted donkey stable in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park!” ‘The Jay Cee track additionally delivered another label aspiration, a new artist release.’ ‘Move on Up' was recorded in 2014 at The Soundform studios, California and it’s already an in demand, pre release, requested sound in dj sets and radio shows via an acetate & test presses. It’s the sound of New Orleans and the Louisiana swamps blending that Zyedeco beat with an accordion/squeeze box and Con Funk Shuns’ formidable horn section. The result; a unique and infectious arrangement - a dance groove which doesn't diminish the socially conscious lyrics which would surely have Curtis smiling. … ”this is music that could get the most reticent of dancers itching to get out on the floor – and that is pure magic…” Ian Cantley ( On the B side, it’s Nu-Soul with 'I've been thinking' (lightly sampling a Northern Soul/Popcorn classic) and first heard to rave reviews as a rough mix via an acetate on the dj decks of Yorks' Waterfront Blues and Soul Club sessions in 2016 where Jay was one of the resident djs. It’s also now the soundtrack to a short film produced by Connor Blackburn at Blackburn Films.

CHECK OUT <<< "I've Been Thinking" by Jay Cee [aka Jason Chinnian] >>>

Andy Bellwood (Last Bastion Records).

‘Con Funk Shun sprinkle a helping of Cajun spice across their tasty re-working of 'Move on Up'. York  based Jay Cee showcases his Nu-Soul talent on 'I've Been Thinking', his debut release. You shouldn't need to, err, 'think it over twice to define the sample. High quality, on both contrastingly different, sides, another Last Bastion winner.’

Mark 'Sarge' Sargeant  (Scootering Magazine and Rare Soul DJ ).

‘Con Funk Shuns 'Move on Up' is the perfect example of the under ground soul scenes’ acceptance of an alternative musical formula.  A hint of cajun, a perfect vocal delivery and a musical amalgamation that is set to be a new classic.’

Simon Hunt (Rare Soul /Northern Soul DJ & record dealer).

‘While looking to cover a song from the 70s, we could think of nothing better then to call on master Curtis Mayfield’s song of awareness. With our love of Zydeco, New Orleans and Louisiana, we wanted to shake things up a bit with the old squeezebox.’ 

Michael Cooper (Con Funk Shun).

‘WOWZER! BRILLIANT Supercharged, pumped up funky driving punchy attititude dance floor detonator and sure to shake the dancefloors and will most definitely be in my DJ box.’

Sean Chapman. (Northern Soul & Mod DJ, collector & Chapman Records).

‘Con Funk Shun . Great, must have, Up Beat Dancer, a fabulous alternative to one of the all time soul classics ’

Ray ‘Ginger’ Taylor (The worlds’ No.1  Northern Soul DJ).

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