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"Wardour Dreams" is a compilation  of both of MOD FUN's 80's Vinyl LPs, remastered and for the first time available as full albums on CD.

This collection of songs represents the bulk of studio recordings by "New Jersey's Original 80's Retro-mod band," who were among the most popular of the handful of east-cost acts in the early 80's retro-rock movement based in the "NYC cave-stomp" scene; which would eventually come to be known as the "underground garage" sound. Based around the club "The Dive," where MOD FUN gigged monthly, alongside many other gigs at CBGB, SNAFU, Firefly, DIRT and the Peppermint Lounge.  

MOD FUN also ventured out to California very early in their career (1984) and absorbed the stylistic influences of the brand new "Paisley Underground" sound within their tight "UK psyche" compositions.  Many gigs at San Francisco's The Mab and Berkeley Square; LA's Madame Wongs and Cavern Club, as well as San Diego's Club Zu and Rock Palace.

"90 Wardour Street" (released in 1985) was their debut 12-inch and exhibits MOD FUN's flair for American Garage sounds slammed right up against their infatuation with UK Psyche-Mod-R&B material like The Creation, Syd's Pink Floyd, The Eyes, The Action, Zombies, Kinks and (even) Early Who.  You can't listen to these 8 original songs and not get hooked by the depth of the many classic influences in their sound ... 90 Wardour Street plays like a "case history" of 60's retro music...

For "Dorothy's Dream" the band dipped even further into the Californian "Paisley Underground," (after their 2 tours of that state,) and their immersion in the "American Indie" sound, including more influences like Big Star and The Nazz now sitting alongside their continued Anglophilic love of UK psyche and pop like The Move, Syd Barrett, Buzzcocks and their original initial inspiration The Jam.  By the time "...Dream" was recorded however it was even harder to pick out individual influences, as the band had jammed so many different retrofied pieces into their musical puzzle.

Also included in this CD collection are 5 "bonus" tracks — 3 songs originally intended to be on the "Dorothy's Dream" album, which ultimately weren't recorded and released on the vinyl LP in 1985.  Two of these tracks appear as demo recordings ("Plastic People" and "Sugarcube Boy,") and one as a live version ("Understand Me," recorded in California 10th, April 1985.)  Two more songs from that same gig appear here as well: "Movin' N Groovin'" from their debut "Wardour St.," and a live version of the B-side of their debut single "Happy Feeling"

Detour is proud to present these full length albums from NYC's most popular "mod" act who've (until now) only appeared here in the UK on a number of compilations throughout the years — most notably Anthony Meynell/Squire's "American Heart and Soul" and their tribute album on HiLo, "It's A Mod Mod World" on Antenna and (one of only 3 US acts!) on the Cherry Red boxset "Millions Like Us." 


I Can See Everything

Tyme Is Now

Movin N Groovin

Fade to Mirror

We Got Tyme

The American Dream

Eyes Getting Louder

A Minute Twenty

I Fell

Turn It Around

Hope It's Today

Think Of Things To Say

I Want You To Know

Mary Goes Round

Open Your Eyes

Half Way To The End

Thee Hair That You Wear

I've Got Your Number

Plastic People (Demo)

Sugar Cube Boy (Demo)

Movin And Groovin (Live At Berkley Square)

Understand Me (Live At Berkley Square)

Happy Feeling (Live At Berkley Square)

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