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Paff Booms are pleased to present "Di Paff Booms!", A modest self-tribute, if the formula is possible, from a group that is conscious and satisfied that no one else will give it to them, that understands success not as recognition, much less massive , but as the realization of painstaking and patient work, focused on what they truly believe in and on their careful making available to anyone who wants to value it, hopefully also enjoy it, all other claims die there, the same ones that feed the vocation of so many others.

Recorded at Estudio Uno in Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), again under the production of Carlos Hernández Nombela, factotum of the Booms sound and producer of his two previous EPs, released by the Clifford Records label, the debut LP of those from Guadalajara (Clemente Vadillo, guitar and voice, Paco Soto, guitar, Paco Herrerías, bass, and Luis Rodríguez, drums) combines continuity and evolution (if the formula fits) sonic coherence and communion of sounds that the band's background compiled throughout its trajectory, all of them based on a forceful and guitar-making Power Pop that does not renounce the sixtie inspiration that marked its origins and on painstakingly worked lyrics in Castilian.

It's time to welcome Di Paff Booms !, a brand new 12 "vinyl edition carefully edited by Hurray! Music and Snap Records for all of you to enjoy. You are officially invited to share the Paff Booms sound experience.


1-Espuma y estrellas-

2-Un día perfecto-

3-Sobre círculos-

4-Planeta moderno-

5-¡Di Paff Booms!-

6-Ven a la fiesta-

7-La caja de cristal-

8-Soy el dragón-

9-Tercer intento-

10-Terrícola invasor-

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