RATTANSON - I'd Much Rather Be With The Noise LP (NEW) (M)

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Features EX Fanscene member and as heard on THE GLORY BOY RADIO SHOW!!

Open Mind Records proudly presents the second album “I’d Much Rather Be with the Noise” from the mighty poptastic noise machine and rock’n’roller Råttanson. The self-produced, low-budget, high-ambition album contains 14 sizzling original cuts. There’s a shalalala here, a hand clap there, Diddley and Wilko rhythms, snotty nasal vocals, pop á la Undertones and Spector, garage rock reminiscent of Lyres and suddenly a cowpunk banjo. Sure, there are vibes of 60s and Swedish 80s-garage but this funtastic noise expedition is way more diversified and thrilling than that. Råttanson is a Swedish garage rock/power pop/rock’n’roll DIY solo project, but for “I’d Much Rather Be with the Noise” he has brought in a supreme driving force behind the skins - Anders Björnlund from the Turpentines/the HiJackers. On top of that, Råttanson and Anders together with Alex from the Why Oh Whys on bass will form a power trio to promote the album with full-scale performances, so keep your eyes open and catch them live if you can. The über-catchy singles “Small Venue Concerts” and “No Best of Me” have been shared via digital services and received airplay around the globe. “Small Venue Concerts” is an energetic, short, punky power pop tune praising those smaller music venues where you can get close to your fave acts, jump around and really lose yourself in noisy sounds, whereas “No Best of Me” is a delicious Spectoresque garage pop tune that could have been written by Jackie DeShannon or Willy DeVille. The debut album “Full-scale Shakeability” was described as “For stripped-down garage rock, you couldn’t ask for a better debut“ and "One-man garage band Råttanson’s Full-Scale Shakeability really knows how to capture the sound that flourished when the 1980s wave of garage rock swept across the Western world". The reviewers also mentioned acts like The Barracudas, The Seeds, Link Wray, Vince Taylor, the Yardbirds and the Kinks when describing the Råttanson sound. Basically the same explosive and guitar-saturated recipe has been developed and further refined on “I’d Much Rather Be with the Noise”. Råttanson’s residence is located in Segeltorp, south of Stockholm, but he was born and rock’n’roll-raised in Flen. He has also dwelled in Boise (Idaho), Trondheim (Norway) and Uppsala - home base of Open Mind Records. In the 90s he was a hard-working songwriter/guitarist/vocalist in Uppsala-based power poppers Fanscene and garage rockers the Rawhides. The Råttanson solo project was launched with the release of a few home recordings in 2013. Time to widen your sonic horizon and escape from these turbulent times. Put that brand new long player on the turntable and watch it spin. You know you’d much rather be with the noise!


A1-Small Venue Concerts

A2-Can't Let Them Win

A3-Rathole Guest

A4-Hometown Out-Of-Towner

A5-Dancing On The Head Of Snakes

A6-Kiss This Year Goodbye

A7-Want You Around

B1-No Best Of Me

B2-In A Peak State With You

B3-Sure Of My Doubts

B4-Sixgun Smile

B5-Risking My Heart

B6-Untamed Dame


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