SOUL TELLER - Be-Bah-Ba (Save The Planet) 7" + p/s (NEW) (M)

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"Be-bah-bah (Save the Planet)" is the record return of Miguel Ángel Julián, who was the leader of the legendary Soul group, Cool Jerks. The album has been recorded between Memphis (in the studios of the legendary Willie Mitchell, no less) and Madrid (with producer Kike Eizaguirre). This single collects two of the songs that emerged from those magical sessions.

On side A we find "Be-bah-bah", an instant contemporary Soul hit, with the unmistakable and personal touch of Michelangelo, but without losing sight of what is done today in Black Music. A potential track filler.

On the B side, on the other hand, we can listen to "Midnite Sun", a beautiful song that refers to the most stellar moments of Cool Jerks. Ravishing.

Don't miss this album. Numbered edition of 300 copies.


A-Be-Bah-Bah (Save The Planet)

B-Midnite Sun

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