V/A - Not Another Phlegmin' Punk Compilation! : Best Of Spit Records CD (NEW) (P)

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1-The Tights - Howard Hughes (1978 Demo)

2-The Androids - Nine To Five

3-Ask Mother - Twinkle

4-The Sussed - I've Got Rabies

5-The Tights - No Life

6-Starjets - War Stories (1979 Demo)

7-Ex- Producers - Newer Wave '79

8-Shock Treatment - I Like It Like That

9-Xposers - Shellshock

10-The Androids - Sunday Sometimes

11-Starjets - Run With The Pack (1979 Demo)

12-White Noise - BBC/UTV

13-The Doubt - Fringes

14-Victim - Empty Men

15-White Noise - Spidermen

16-The Outcasts - Winter (Live)

17-Acme - Bad News

18 -Rudi - Crimson (1981 Demo)

19-The Co-ordinates - We're Only Monsters

20 -Shock Treatment - On The Line

21-Confrontation Time - Long Way Down (Alternative Version)

22-Ex-Producers - Back In Time (Previously Unreleased)

23-Shock Treatment 21 - Piccolina (Alternative Version)

24-Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds - Annihilation

25-The Tights - I Can't Sing (About What You Are)

26-Confrontation Time - Designer Dummie


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