Electro-Voice RE410 Microphone

Electro-Voice RE410 Microphone

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Electro-Voice RE410 Premium Condenser Cardioid Vocal Microphone

The Electro-Voice® RE410 is a professional quality handheld
condenser microphone that was designed specifically
for vocalists, yet has the versatility, smooth response, and
dynamic range to make it outstanding for virtually any
application. The RE410 is the ideal vocal microphone for
anyone that appreciates the crisp high end and warm
proximity effect that can only come from a top performing
condenser microphone. The response of the RE410 is
tailored to provide just a slight amount of “air” in the 5 to
10kHz area, enhancing the sound without adding stridency.
The RE410 features a cardioid polar pattern that provides
great rear rejection and a smooth off-axis response that’s
perfect for performers who tend to “wander” around the mic.

Optimized to capture the human voice in professional club and concert sound as well as studio recording, the cardioid condenser RE410 provides crisp, clear top-end and sweet mid-range. Delivering the critical details other mics leave behind, the RE410 pulls the voice front-and-center in any mixing situation.

  • Premium-grade handheld condenser
  • Cardioid pattern for excellent feedback rejection and acoustic isolation
  • Ideal for both singing and spoken word
  • High-compliance shock mount effectively eliminates handling noise
  • Tight-mesh Memraflex™ grille
  • Multistage pop filter


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