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At Home With The Furries "Tom Broadbent's exploration of the Furries is sensitive, witty and informative. It's all you need to gain an insight into this fascinating subculture whose only limits are that of their imaginations. If only everyday life was as much fun as the pages of this book” - Laura Noble, Director of L A Noble Gallery



Estate "The photos themselves are so beautifully framed and composed, creating a rather epic feel to these everyday moments. Anyone with an interest in postwar British social history, modernist architecture or street photography would really enjoy this book." John Grindrod, author 'Concreteopia'


Estate  "The strength of his vision and his work's usefulness (and poignancy) are founded in its balance. What is special is Clayton's humane rendering of it as a time capsule that emphasised ordinariness. This was how it was for millions of people in the early 90s."Johnathan Meades, film maker & writer.