Guy Fawkes - A Desperate Remedy

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London, 1605: A new king sits upon the throne of England, but not everyone is pleased with this Protestant monarch. A group of conspirators scheme to overthrow him and restore Catholic rule; by igniting an explosion directly beneath Parliament! For their plot to succeed, these traitors need the perfect assassin; a man named Guy Fawkes. Guy Fawkes: A Desperate Remedy, reveals the true story behind the Gunpowder Plot. This unique novella allows readers to join Fawkes as he becomes embroiled in history's most notorious assassination attempt on the life of a British Sovereign. From secretly hatching a murderous revolt, to carefully building a deadly bomb, to ultimately striking a fateful match, we hear Guy Fawkes from his first rebellious thoughts to his final bitter reflections.

Great for history buffs and those interested in the truth behind the legend, told in the unique Word Of Mouth Productions way, combining narration with acting and excellent music and special effects. Narrated by the claimed Virginia Byron with additional additional dialogue by Brendan Sheppard and David Keogh

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