• I'm Cameron, Director CarbonCore Ltd
  • I have made radio controlled model aircraft since 1998
  • I started with gliders, slope soaring, electric gliders, power planes, helicopters, multicopters, and now, DRONES!
  • CarbonCore launched in 2011 with the Legacy CarbonCore Multicopters
  • Masters in Aerospace Manufacturing
  • 15 years solid modelling (CAD)
  • I have collaborated with a number of multicopter/UAV/drone companies
  • BMFA Radio Control Helicopter Instructor (British Model Flying Association)


  • CarbonCore Ltd.
  • York, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  • Company Number: 07615726
  • VAT Number:  GB164041634
  • Phone Contact: +44(0)1904 622784
  • eMail Contact: CarbonCore @ live.co.uk (without spaces)