About Us

Unearthing hidden jewels in the cosmetic crown

Skintopia is owned and run by beauty professionals. Our professionals have over 40 years of combined experience in spa, salon, holistic health and product development. If you choose to purchase from our shop we are on hand to answer any of your beauty questions and consult with you whenever you require skin care advice. 


Skintopia aims to bring the best to everyone because we care about health, well-being as well as staying young. Skintopia’s advice is based on what is best for you, so if we know of a product that would benefit you but we do not currently stock it, we will tell you who does. 


 Skintopia’s professionals understand bathroom cabinets everywhere are the hub of unwanted and unused beauty products. Skintopia is a company committed to turn your bathroom from a product waste land to a product paradise by bringing you beautiful, ethically sourced beauty and home ware products that work. 


Many people relish natural products and toiletries, some want active ingredients, we bring you both and let you decide on the basis that fundamentally it is quality of that product that is important. Products should smell great, be fun to use, make you feel special and they can only do that if they work! 


If your bathroom cabinet is a Pandora’s Box for the unused and unwanted product, come browse our store, ask the advice of trained beauty professionals and boycott the bin of products, by buying the best we can find.

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