Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is using the GZ Pro-Sport all the exercise I need to do?

You will find as your aerobic fitness increases you will find more enjoyment from traditional sport and exercise. We recommend you take full advantage of this during your leisure time and vary your exercise routine.

2) Is it not better for health to go outside running?

Not everyone has the time, or the conditioning, to exercise outdoors during the week. The Gamercize fitness machines provide comfortable, safe, non-impact workouts to supplement or kick start an active lifestyle.

3) What are the health benefits?

Burning up to 650 calories per hour with the GZ Power Stepper, 500 calories per hour with the GZ Endurance Cycle, increases your metabolism and raises your heart rate. This reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

4) How does the GZ Pro-Sport work with online gaming, like Xbox Live?

In offline mode playing the Xbox 360 when you stop exercising the game is paused until you restart exercising. When playing online only your controller input is suspended, while the game continues unaffected for the other online players.

5) How much weight will I lose playing games?

Weight loss is dependant on the individual; ask your Doctor or Fitness Instructor how many extra calories a week you need to burn to give a sustainable weight loss. As a rough guide it is possible to sustain a weight loss of 10 lbs per game played, or about 1 lb per 100 Gamerscore on Xbox 360.

6) Will the GZ Pro-Sport work with PS3 games on the PlayStation3?

Yes, the GZ Pro-Sport acts in the same way regardless of what game is played. Choose the games you enjoy the most and the exercise becomes automatic and effortless.

7) What is the weight limit for the exercise machines?

There is no weight limit using the machines while seated. When standing the GZ Power Stepper weight limit is 100kg, or about 220lbs. Using the Power Stepper while standing boosts fitness benefits from 400 calories per hour to 650 calories per hour.

8) How does the GZ Pro-Sport work with the Wii?

The GZ Pro-Sport works with all GameCube games and compatible Wii games on the Nintendo Wii, showing the level you are reaching from your exercise effort. To check which Wii games are compatible look for the classic / game pad icon on the reverse of the game box, ie Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros Brawl are examples of compatible games. Using Gamercize with Wii or GameCube games adds that extra dimension and motivation to keep you moving.

9) How does Gamercize help me get better at sport?

Sports fitness involves not only physical conditioning, but awareness and co-ordination. When used with the GZ Power Stepper, Gamercize products involve all aspects of co-ordination, balance, strategy, decision making and physical fitness. Your sports performance can be improved by adding Gamercize to your training.

10) Why is the GZ Pro-Sport not wireless like the new consoles?

Wireless controllers are great for lounging on the sofa, lazily playing games exercising just a thumb or hand. As Gamercize exercise machines are stationary, there is no need for the extra cost and expense of wireless technology. Gamercize offers reliability and compatibility instead.