Gamercize Pro-Sport Stepper for Xbox 360

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Play games and get a fitness workout at the same time!


Exercise at a steady rate and as the Gamercize detects the motion it will allow you to play your chosen game normally with the wired controller. 

Stop exercising or slow down below the level selected and your game will pause or simply ignore your input from the controller.

Start exercising again and you will be able to resume playing.


Using the keypad on the GZ Pro-Sport, select the level of effort to suit your own abilities.

Gentle : Always start at this level to warm up and cool down properly.

Skill : With practice reach the challenge level for physical and mental co-ordination.

Fitness : Ice blue indicates you have reached a real cardio fitness level.

Power : The utimate level to sustain for extended play and sports ability.

Play : When your workout is finished, play at the lowest level to the next save point.

Two exercise machines are compatible with the GZ Pro-Sport, and they are the GZ Power Stepper and the GZ Endurance Cycle.

No setting up is required as both compact machines are plug & play and interchangeable.

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