Bulk Ordering

Bulk Ordering


If you would like to buy in bulk for parties, weddings, events or special occasions we can help:

Bottled Beers and Wines (mixed cases) - 10% off
Orders over £300 - 15% off
4 cask pints - 10% off
Poly pins (36 pints) - 20% off
Full casks (72 pints) - 25% off

FREE delivery on any order over 12 beers or 6 bottles of wine within local area.  

We give larger discounts based on the more beer you buy, so this can be an economical way to buy larger quantities of good quality beer and cider from micro-breweries from across the U.K.   We can also offer advice on product selection.

Contact: tim@realale.com  +44 (0) 208 892 3710